When you have done your best and still don't clinch that deal(job/business/relationship e.t.c), it simply means it was never meant to be .

Fighting & worrying over deals that were never meant to be , deprive you to see new great deals that are lying ahead.

Not every good looking deal is for you. It may be good but not for you. Ask: is it linked to my purpose? If NO. Then pass.

Any deal that brings the worst in you, is a curse not a blessing. God ordained deals bring the best of us.

A God ordained deal will still come through regardless of your weakness,qualifications,falling to meet the requirements, demerits

A God ordained deal is like a magnet and a repeller. It will attract the right people and resources and repel away ppl you don't need

When you clinched a God ordained deal you become indebted to no person in particular but God Himself.

Those whom God is using to bless you are just but a channel and not a source & God is never short of channels .

Wait for your God ordained deal, it doesn't matter how long it will take , when it finally happens it will be worth the wait.